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About Us

We at know that you care about your employees, alumni, seniors and veterans; which is why we created this free platform for them to get the best discounts on products they need every day! With over 20 years in our industry serving these groups with offers only available via membership here at – it was time someone helped make things easier than ever before by providing direct access to top national brands’ latest promo codes & coupons throughout all categories like home services or travel specials–just sign-up today!

Our Mission is a website that provides real discounts on the products, offers, and promotions our members use every day to save money in their everyday lives! Our mission is to provide the best deals on products, offers, and promotions that members use daily. Not just another coupon site like other companies out there today – we work with each brand so they can provide you an offer to fit your needs.

Our Vision

We’ve seen competitors charge users for access to their platforms or websites. This business model didn’t provide the best experience since they were solely focused on new memberships, not offers and products that people wanted in return – which is how we want it at our company! Our vision couldn’t be more straightforward: create an inclusive discount program where customers get what they need without any hassle – all thanks to you (the member). We know that when members use our discounts, they will get the most value for their money. That’s why we make sure our brands and merchants provide great employee discounts on products our members actually use!